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Monthly Archives: February 2016

  • Maria Manetti Shrem grants for AP Italian Exam 2016

    The Commission for Language and Culture of COMITES is happy to announce that prizes are available to award students who will take the AP Italian Exam 2016 and score 3 or higher. This initiative is possible thanks to the generosity of...Read more

  • Investment Wizard Wanted Now to Promote Italy

    In the past weeks important announcements were made by American companies. Cisco, Apple and GE informed that they plan to carry out R&D investment in Italy. In fact, Italy is one of the six leading manufacturing countries in the world,...Read more

  • Riunione Comites dell’08/02/2016

    La prossima riunione del Comites si terra’ il giorno 08 Febbraio 2016 alle ore 18:30 a Casa Fugazi, 678 Green Street, SF. Le riunioni sono aperte al pubblico.