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Monthly Archives: October 2016

  • Support the campaign “Heart-Quake from San Francisco to Amatrice Italy”

    Earlier this year, the beloved Italian city of Amatrice and surrounding towns suffered damage as a result of a significant earthquake. We are a region that is no stranger to earthquakes, and have ourselves needed assistance from others.  With this...Read more

  • Partecipa alla parata del Columbus Day insieme al Comites di San Francisco

    Il Comites di San Francisco parteciperà alla parata del Columbus Day Domenica 9 Ottobre lungo le strade della nostra fantastica North Beach! Se sei interessato a sfilare insieme a noi nel corteo, commenta questo post o mandaci un messaggio privato...Read more

  • Support Comites campaign for 2016 Italy earthquake

    On August 24, 2016, central Italy was shaken by a terrible earthquake which has caused the death of 292 people.  Many of them were children caught at home in the middle of the night. It has afflicted the most vulnerable...Read more