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  • Every Child Conference 2nd edition Engage – Social and Emotional Learning

    Italian methods of education have led the way in child-centered education which takes into account the child’s unique ideas, preferences, learning styles, characteristics, motivations, and interests. Italy was also the first country to adopt a single-track educational system focused on...Read more

  • Mock Test ONLINE for students preparing AP Italian 2018

    First Mock Test ONLINE for students preparing AP¹ Italian 2018! Funded by Commission for Language and Culture of COMITES SF Comites San Francisco invites all students preparing for the AP Italian Exam on May 16th, 2018 to join the first...Read more

  • Italingua – 2017 Annual Fundraising, Silent Auction, Live Jazz, Dancing

    On Friday, November 17, 2017, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm at Museo Italo Americano, 2 Marina Boulevard – Building C, San Francisco, CA 94123 there will be the 2017 Annual Fundraising, Silent Auction, Live Jazz, Dancing. The event is organized by...Read more

  • Every Child – Workshop on early childhood education

    Research on early childhood learning and education increasingly views children as active participants in their growth and development. Faced with sometimes puzzling choices for their own children education, parents are often left wondering about the best approach. The goal of...Read more

  • Dibattito sul Si o sul No per il referendum sulla Riforma Costituzionale

    Il Comites di San Francisco e’ lieto di annunciare la promozione di un dibattito per la discussione sui motivi per votare Si o per votare No al referendum sulla Riforma Costituzionale. Ci incontreremo a San Francisco presso il Museo Italo-Americano...Read more

  • Riunione Comites Dicembre 2016

    Si avvisa la comunita’ italiana che la prossima riunione del COMITES si terrà molto probabilmente mercoledi’ 7 Dicembre alle 18:30 presso Casa Fugazi, 678 Green Street, SF. Seguiranno aggiornamenti per confermare la data. Le riunioni sono aperte al pubblico.

  • Support the campaign “Heart-Quake from San Francisco to Amatrice Italy”

    Earlier this year, the beloved Italian city of Amatrice and surrounding towns suffered damage as a result of a significant earthquake. We are a region that is no stranger to earthquakes, and have ourselves needed assistance from others.  With this...Read more