The Future of Made in Italy: Risks & Opportunities in Trademark Protection

Join us for an interactive discussion on how
an evolving marketplace and Gen Z will influence Made
in Italy recognition, intellectual property, and the future
of luxury.

Our national brand embodies centuries of dedication to
the principles of esthetics and taste, high-quality
produce and foods, superior materials, and aspirational
experiences. The ability of Italy to turn its heritage into
a global commercial success from the ashes of World
War II is truly a unique story. However, the world is
changing, customers are changing, and new
generations are replacing old ones in gaining influence
in the definition of consumerist patterns. In other
words, we find ourselves at a time of great risk and
great opportunities.

The future of Made in Italy needs a strategic rethinking
to ensure that this national treasure will continue to be
a beacon for global clients and Italian entrepreneurs.

Please join us for an interactive and engaging
discussion. Attendance is limited and RSVP is required
for this in-person event.