Commissione Impresa e Turismo

Presidente della Commissione: Sonia Alioto

Membri/Consiglieri: Sara Bianchi Chamberlin, Massimo Costetti, Angela Zagarella.


The goal of the Impresa e Turismo commission is to offer visibility of Italian entrepreneurs who operate in the agribusiness-food processing industry, innovative technology and artistic production, which are areas of excellence for our country. The Italians who endeavor to make these industries successful deserve more attention and support.

The promotion of these businesses can be achieved through workshops and festivals, lectures and testimonials of Italian entrepreneurs, both local and from Italy.The promotion of tourism focuses in particular on il turismo di ritorno which was launched a few years ago by the Italian government to support the economy of areas of Italy that are not usual tourist destinations.  Il turismo di ritorno has also the objective of understanding our history and the roots of Italian immigration. The return of image for Italy in the world with turismo di ritorno would also have a positive impact for our community.

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