ItalianClub@School Initiative

ItalianClub@School Initiative

“Italian Culture and Language Ambassador” Program

Do you love the sound of “La bella Lingua” but you don’t know where to learn it?

Are you passionate about art, history, cinema, design, music, food, business and “La dolce vita”?

Do you dream to travel to Italy, live in Milan, enjoy a gelato in Rome, take a dramatic picture in Venice, walk around Naples or study abroad in Tuscany?

Make your passion for Italy count at school!

Join the “Italian Culture and Language Ambassador” program, a project launched by Comites and supported by the Consulate General of Italy in San Francisco.

We are looking for enthusiastic, independent and self-driven High School students who are willing to start an Italian Club in their school.

Are you ready to take the challenge?

We believe in you. We will support you. We will reward you!

Comites will award 3 Clubs with 500$ to support club activities and initiatives.

They also will receive an Honor Roll Recognition from the Italian Consulate of San Francisco.

Who can apply?

High School Students living within the Italian Consular District of San Francisco¹

How to apply

Students committed to start the Italian Club in their school are required to fill out the Google Form HERE

What are the requirements to receive the award?

Students have to establish the Club and send by email the proof of club approbation by the school

Francesca Morabito, Head of COMITES Italian Language and Culture Committee.
Education Office of the Consulate General of Italy in San Francisco.
A Review Committee from COMITES will evaluate the applications and select the best 3 clubs, based on objectives and activities proposed by each of them.

How and when will I get the award?

Checks and/or money orders will be mailed to the Presidents of the Club with a certificate of appreciation from the COMITES and the Consulate General of Italy at the beginning of December 2018. All checks or money orders must be cashed by December, 31st 2018.

What is the deadline for submitting my application?

All applications must be submitted through the Google Form not later than September, 30th 2018.


¹Candidates can apply in the following territories: Northern California, Utah, Idaho, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, and Oregon.

This is another initiative funded by Comites SF to promote the Italian Language and Culture.


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