The Commission for Language and Culture of COMITES is happy to announce the opening of the call for Maria Manetti Shrem Awards 2022. Students who take the AP Italian Exam 2022 and score 3 or higher will be awarded with prizes from 50 to 100$. This initiative is possible thanks to the generosity of Ms. Maria Manetti Shrem, a stellar lover of Arts and Culture and well-acclaimed Philanthropist of California. Ms. Maria Manetti Shrem’s generosity paired with COMITES in an effort to promote the growth of the Italian Language and Culture in Northern California and beyond. This initiative is supported and encouraged by the Consulate General of Italy in San Francisco. 


Who can apply?

  • Students for themselves. Are you getting ready to take the AP Italian Language and Culture Exam 2022? For students who are preparing for the AP Italian Exam independently, please fill out this form: Application Form A
  • Teachers for their AP students. Are you teaching an AP class of Exam takers? For teachers in schools who are preparing students for the AP Italian Exam, please fill out this form for your students: Application Form B 

 What is the deadline? 

Submit the application no later than April 30, 2022

Participate in the Mock Test!

The Mock Test online 2022 is organized in April for students preparing for the AP test Exam. How to register


Please send an email to [email protected]