Italian educational methods, like the Montessori or the more recent Reggio Emilia approach, have been pioneers of child-centered education and have become well known around the world. Historically, Italy has implemented innovative strategies to advocate for the inherent right of EVERY CHILD to a child-centered education, which takes into account the child’s unique ideas, preferences, learning styles, characteristics, motivations, and interests. With this idea, Italy was the first country to adopt a single-track educational system focused on the full participation of all students regardless of disability.

This conference aims to empower adults who live and work with our children and enable them to focus on the children’s wellbeing as well as all areas of their growth and development; it was organized as a testament to the public’s growing awareness of EVERY CHILD’s basic rights.



As the world becomes more and more conflicted, there seems to be an inverse relationship with our level of connection.  We are more socially connected than ever before and yet the depth and meaning of these connections is under scrutiny. Many forms of mental illness are on the rise and social interest groups are grappling with the overwhelming problems that we are facing.  As educators, we must take part in the solution. We know that social-emotional development is part of children’s growth and affects every aspect of a child’s life, including personal relationships, novel interactions, academic growth, and self-esteem. When children feel confident about themselves and have the skills to interact and engage successfully with others, their learning capacity at school skyrockets.
Most of the children learn social-emotional skills organically, as parents, teachers, and adults model positive relationships. However not all the children can learn.



Parents, caregivers, and pre-school teachers will be invited to this conference, and be asked to actively participate in discussions with professionals and schools about strategies which support social and emotional development for EVERY CHILD.

This year we will concentrate on methods, didactics and practical strategies which promote social and emotional development and fosters for the inclusion of EVERY CHILD. The aim is to promote educational attainment and social inclusion of every single student through the principles of inclusion: social development, interactions, and participation.

This year conference will be organized with two keynote speakers, two breakout sessions targeting the audience interests, and large group activity. We anticipate having a diverse and well-respected group of professionals, scientists, and advocating parents give presentations fitting within the theme.