Workshop series

Systems of Support for Inclusive Early Education Communities 

Since April 2017, COMITES San Francisco has collaborated with international professionals and researchers to promote child-centered Italian education approaches and evidence-based interventions for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Their mission is to support inclusive practices in early education in both Italy and the US.

The upcoming conference and workshop series titled “Systems of Support for Inclusive Early Education Communities” will provide a platform for professionals to come together and discuss the best practices for creating and implementing effective inclusive strategies in early education settings. 

EVERY CHILD 2023 will present systems of support that address barriers to inclusion from both teachers’ and schools’ perspectives, addressing the following topics: 1) strategies and practices that foster inclusion in ECE; 2) systems that bridge the gap between research and community programs; and 3) connections between schools in the Bay Area that are currently working on improving inclusion and children’s sense of belonging.

Workshop Series

The series of Workshops will focus on Italian methods, didactics and practical strategies which promote and foster the inclusion of EVERY CHILD. The goal is to deliver training in evidence-based practices, structure, supports, and approaches to advance children’s learning outcomes while fostering and improving preschool culture and developing teachers’ expertise in inclusive didactics in early childhood education.

The main topics of the workshop will be:

Italian Educational Pedagogy focused on child-centered approaches;

Inclusion of children with ASD;

Implementation of Evidence-based strategies in schools.

Legislation and right to foster inclusion

Four selected schools or school districts will receive the workshop series between October 23rd and November 17th 2023. Through the workshops, Every Child aims to create a direct connection with schools and districts to build a strong community of practice that will be interesting to the annual conference.

Workshops series

Introductory Workshop 5 hours online
Advanced Workshop12 hours hands-on
Coaching 10 hours per class
Online Meetings and Supervision2h per class

 To participate, please fill out the application form between August 30 and September 30.