Commissione Ricerca e Innovazione

Presidente della Commissione: Silvia Veronese

Membri/Consiglieri: Riccardo Melchiorri, Angela Zagarella.  


The goal of the COMITES Research and Innovation commission is to promote, foster and coordinate activities for the Italian community in the area of academic research, entrepreneurship and innovation.


  • Formulate, review and recommend policies to support Italian Scientists operating in the area of the SF Consulate.
  • Work with the Technology and Scientific branch (Scientific Attaché ) of the Italian Consulate of SF to promote Italian technology. The committee helps forge formal ties between domestic and foreign scientists and researchers and acts as a catalyst for scientific exchange initiatives.
  • Operate as the point of contact for academic exchanges between Italian and American Universities. Operate as information center for those who are interested in academic activities in the Consular region. The committee help with the arrangements for collaborative research projects between the United States and foreign scientists
  • Maintains a census of Italian academics in universities and higher education institutions with the scope to facilitate cultural exchanges.
  • Cooperate with all higher institutions   having programs with scientific and technological aspects of interest to the Italian community.
  • Foster and promote initiatives to bridge the gap between universities and industry.

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